Truck Mounted Crane

The truck mounted crane is one of the mobile cranes, as it is mounted on truck. These cranes can travel at high speed on highways, which makes them a good choice for quick need for such equipment. For its own stability, the truck-mounted crane use counterweights. 

And also for stability in job sites, there are triggers  hold the crane to the ground. This crane's construction is similar to many other cranes, it consists of the rotating body mounted on the truck. This body supports the boom. The boom may be telescopic or jointed sections. As for the powering system, may be hydraulic or electric. 

For avoiding the over turning of the crane, these cranes are tested at the factory first. They are fixed by the outriggers and loaded with different loads until it reaches its maximum value. Their capacity ranges between (14.5 and 1300 short ton) and between ( 12.9 and 1161 long ton). The advantage of this crane is the mobility and high speed. But it can't serve ragged places and un flatted areas.